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Ruler(s) of the 7th Dynasty:

Wadjkare / Wahkare
Begin of the conventional First Intermediate Period
Ruler(s) of the 8th Dynasty:

Qakare Iby
Rulers of the 9th & 10th Dynasty:

Ruler(s) of the 10th Dynasty:

Nebkaure Akhtoy
King List
1. The names of the kings in the 2nd register of the 'king-list' in the temple of Seti I at Abydos to about the 19th name (Nebhetepre=Mentuhotep I) are representatives of the 7th to the 10th dynasties.
2. Wahkare Khety (III) is being variously assigned to the 7th or 8th Dynasty or by others (Brian Fagan, `Egypt of the Pharaohs') to the 9th or 10th Dynasty. Some consider Wahkare Khety III as a good candidate for the Sarah incident of Genesis 12:17-19 on the basis of his famous `Instructions' to his son. Other authors in the 1950's may attribute these `instructions' to Khety IV. [G. Steindorff & K. Seele, `When Egypt Ruled the East', Chicago, 1958, p. 18.]
Notes & References

01) A.H. Sayce was among those early conventional scholars who dated the Middle Kingdom 10th-14th dynasties) based on Assyrian names found on (2) alabaster vases (of Remus and Naram-Sin) of a type of which many examples of type (b) were found in 10th dynasty tombs at El Kab. It was M. Legrain who published in The (Pennsylvania) Museum Journal, Dec. 1920, the date of Sargon of Akkad as about 2800 BC, with a few years' difference more or less. [Ancient Egypt, Part IV, 1921, p. 102-103.]
02) Gregory P. Bilbert, Three funerary Stelae from the 8th dynasty (conv. ca. 2181-2161 BC) tomb of Shemai at Kom El-Momanien, Qift in Egyptian Archaeology, Vol. 90, 2004, p. 73-79.; These stelae where found to be similar to those in the 6th dynasty (conv. ca. 2345-2184 BC) tomb of Meni (Mnj) and the early 1st Intermediate Period tomb of Merri at Dendera.

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